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In order to protect and improve the environment, prevent pollution and other public hazards, safeguard public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote sustainable economic and social development. Economic and technological policies and measures to conserve and recycle resources, protect and improve the environment, and promote harmony between man and nature, to coordinate economic and social development with environmental protection.
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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group specializing in the comprehensive disposal of municipal sludge and organic solid waste. The company was established in October 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. The main business scope is comprehensive treatment and disposal of municipal sludge, organic wastes from agriculture and forestry, kitchen waste, etc .; resource utilization; research and development of sludge disposal technology and renewable resource utilization technology; production and sales of organic (type) fertilizers and land improvement and repair services Wait.

As a specialized plate subsidiary of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group, it has given full play to the strong platform support role of the group company. Since its inception, it has focused on the integrated research and development and industry of sludge comprehensive stabilization, reduction, harmlessness, and resourceful process technology. With the national strategic requirements of environmental governance, energy saving and emission reduction, we take “aerobic fermentation + land use” as the mainstream technology route, and use BOO, BOT, EPC, EMC, and other cooperation modes to customize the most customized solutions for various customers. The optimized sludge treatment and disposal solution provides comprehensive support and cooperation in the planning and design, construction operation, capital, and technology of sludge treatment and disposal projects.

The company has a professional and technical team composed of highly educated and highly qualified technical personnel with an industry professional background, and cooperates with universities and institutions such as Northwest A & F University, Nanjing Agricultural University and other institutions to solve the problem of municipal sludge disposal and explore agricultural aspects. Make unremitting efforts to implement a comprehensive pollution control plan and realize the resource utilization of organic waste.

The company pays close attention to industry policy opportunities, seizes the project layout and implementation, and cooperates closely with governments in Xi'an, Shangluo, Xianyang and other local governments. The Shangluo Organic Solid Waste Disposal Center and organic (fertilizer) production project with an investment of 160 million yuan can annually resolve 200,000 tons of organic waste in the area, realize more than 10 million profits and taxes, and have good ecological and social benefits.

The company takes "sincerity, synergy, innovation, hard work" as its core values, and "professional, quality, pragmatic and efficient" business philosophy, adhering to the corporate purpose of "rejecting pollution and benefiting the society" and insisting on environmental protection technology innovation to lead the development of the company. The goal is to promote the reuse of organic solid waste such as sludge, straw, and kitchens, fundamentally solve the problem of organic solid waste pollution in urban and rural areas, truly realize the resource reuse of organic waste, and strive to create regional organic solid waste. Dispose of benchmarking enterprises, and contribute to solving the problem of organic waste pollution in various places, improving the living environment of the people in various regions, promoting the sustainable development of regional economy, and the progress of ecological civilization.

Company Address: 27th Floor, Block D, Wangdu, Zhangbayi Road, Yanta District, Xi'an

Phone: 029-68661209

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