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In order to protect and improve the environment, prevent pollution and other public hazards, safeguard public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote sustainable economic and social development. Economic and technological policies and measures to conserve and recycle resources, protect and improve the environment, and promote harmony between man and nature, so as to coordinate economic and social development with environmental protection.
Environmental Protection Tips
  • Where does PM2.5 come from? What pollutants are hidden inside?

    Most of the major pollutants in heavily polluted weather are PM2.5. Where does PM2.5 come from? Has its main component changed after so many years? How do regions interact with each other during heavy pollution? Experts from the National Air Pollution Control Association recently analyzed ...
  • Do you know? Haze is predicted like this!

  • Green life 丨 Upgrading electricity once

    The sun is burning, and for many people, blowing an air conditioner is more comfortable. According to research, summer air-conditioning temperature is generally suitable to be between 26 ° C and 28 ° C. Studies have also shown that increasing the temperature of an air conditioner by one degree can save electricity by about 6% to 10%. From a health perspective, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 5 ° C to 7 ° C ...
  • What are the dangers of soil pollution?

    1. What are the dangers of soil pollution? The harm of soil pollution is mainly caused by the adverse effects on agricultural product safety, living environment and ecosystems. Crops absorb and enrich certain pollutants, affect the quality of agricultural products, cause reduced production, and long-term consumption of agricultural products that exceed standards may endanger human health ...
  • Environmental cold knowledge | Drink less alcohol can reduce carbon dioxide

  • Increased air purifier disputes

    The haze frequently hits in the autumn and winter seasons. With the recent sale of air purification products, consumer disputes triggered by it have also come. Beijing 12315 hotline has recently issued a notice to warn consumers that they are buying empty ...

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